5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Morning Routine

We're sharing a piece by Arielle Mahabir for ReadySet! Offices on 6th Ave. in #NYC. Solidifying a nourishing and productive morning routine will elevate your day-to-day and maintain a positive balance. 

Finding the time to take care of yourself when work-life balance is already a struggle can be next to impossible. But, we at ReadySet! Offices believe that by applying these five simple principles to your morning routine you can restore the balance between professional and personal awareness and start every day off on the path to success!

Stay Hydrated

Our bodies are made of up nearly 60 percent water and much of that is depleted between the time you’re asleep to the moment you awaken. Replenishing lost fluid is key to bringing your bodily functions up-to-speed. It will make recovering from any activity, whether it be an exhausting conference call or a difficult email easier.  And, it has the added benefit of preventing cramping and headaches to keep your day flowing smoothly.


This may seem simple, but it’s an important one. Set time aside to warm up your machine before you take on a day of sprinting to the train station, running samples to a client, or tackling a 20-course meal for a private event. Avoid putting unnecessary stress on your muscles and mind by limbering up with a few upward palm stretches for your arms and wrists, Pigeon pose for the quads and legs, and Child’s pose for your back and neck. A neck rotation never hurt anyone who’s been starring at a computer screen all day either!

Gratitude and Intention

Expressing gratitude is a sure way to invite positivity to flow throughout your daily life. Every day you wake is another day to be thankful. Every opportunity you’re given is another occasion to  acknowledge the reward of your own hard work. Channeling these feelings and setting your goals – whether short-term or for the long-haul – is just another way to help actualize your dreams.

Visualize Your Success

Having a clear vision of your goals will aid in materializing your intended success. This vital step will force you to prioritize your next moves, internalize belief in your own abilities and solidify where you want to go. To achieve, you must be able to “see”.


Remaining positive reinforces a stream of consciousness that will guide you throughout your day. Positivity does not always come naturally. Give yourself a little time every morning to realize it is a choice, and choose to make it. You’ll find the reflection of your inner-self, perception and thoughts will attract good things.

There’s no one recipe for success, but beginning your day with intention and self-care will bring you one step closer to achieving your personal and business goals.