Meet the CEO

It's about time we introduced you to our CEO and founder, Arielle M. She's a driving force and East Coast rebel - an artist, entrepreneur and visionary. Arielle has made change and impact by simply choosing to be her truest self, even if that self has been at times - imperfect. The ideology behind, Elan Manor, is to help one to make that transition into the next phase of their vision of self. It's to allow a space for evolution, revitalization, observance and indulgence of the spirit and ego. This is Arielle's vision and she's eager to embark on this journey with you all. Please be on the lookout for new products, artworks, passages, music and more. We're here to provide food for your soul, from our soul with love.

Read this article featured on The Huffington Post to learn more about caring for yourself before you can help others: Before You Help Others, You Must First Help Yourself

P.S. We are not here to promote selfishness - humanity and charity are at the top of our list, yet, throughout the years and with great experience, we know you can live to your greatest potential if you do nourish the body, mind and soul you were born with. Stay tuned for the opportunity to donate to our non-profits and associated charities. Links to come!

The Elan Manor Company